Are you a perfect parent?
Neither are we—so, pull up a chair and read on!
If you’re like we are, you wonder and worry if you’re doing enough, doing too much, doing the right things to support your child’s learning.
We’re mothers.  We’re teachers at DePaul University in Chicago.  We teach people how to teach reading.  We’ve completed advanced degrees in reading education.  We’ve been reading to our daughters ever since labor and delivery—maybe even conception.  Still, we wonder:  Are we doing all we can to help them build their literacy skills for life?
We created WeFLI because we believe we’re not alone in feeling that today’s children and their families need guidance and support in developing literacy.  When we find good stuff that’s helpful and we think you might enjoy, we share it here.  Our goal is simple:  To help you create powerful, positive literacy experiences in your home.
Though we’ll never be perfect parents, and we’ll never be perfect teachers, we’ll always be open to new ideas and experiences.  Enjoy your flight as WeFLI to new literacy heights together!
Welcome to We-FLI
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