About the contributors and cast:

DePaul Staff:

John Gieger (FITS)
Megan Wilson (CET)
Gregory Dixon (MPTS)
Stephanie Parrillo MCCullough (COE)
Margaret Strzynski (COE)
Scott Vyverman (DePaul Radio Station, Faculty Member)
Hugh Ingrasci (Retired Professor/Consultant)

Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Robert Mantsh, Senior Director of Adult Day Services
Vision Question Band:
Victoria Johnson-Gore: staff member, music director, keyboards, vocals
Silas Gwin: keyboards
Mary Jo Wenzlaff: keyboards
Jan Turner: drums

Yvonne Mines: Congas
Carl Crawford
Cheryl Tillery
Kenja Jackson
Margoline Martin

Classic Radio Show Experts

Carl Amari
Greg Bell
Steve Darnall
Chuck Schaden

Script Writers

John Knoerle
Elizabeth Wolfinger

Radio Show Producer

Bea Aldrich (DePaul Graduate Class of 2017)


John Knoerle
Scott Vyverman
Veronica Bedrio
Julian Ulrich
Noah Connolly
Bea Aldrich
Molly Langfels
Roxanne Owens
Julia Borelli


Lenore Blank Kelner (Arts Integration Specialist) www.lbkcompany.com

Special Thanks to project support provided by the DePaul University Academic Pool Initiative Grant